thai food resources

Below are some of our favourite Thai food resources.  The list is by no means comprehensive, but it's a good start!

We'll keep adding to it with time. 




Wikipedia list of Thai dishes - a useful, but far from exhaustive, list of Thai dishes. 

Thai ingredient glossary - a glossary of food terms, accompanied by both the Thai script and the romanised Thai.

Thaifoodmaster - hands-down the best Thai food website we know of.  Its author, Hanuman, runs a cooking school near to Chiang Mai.  The website is a treasure trove of sophisticated recipes and in-depth Thai food history.    

Lanna food by CMU - compiled by Chiang Mai University, this an excellent resource of Northern Thai (Lanna) recipes.  




Mark Wiens - hugely popular channel from Thai food enthusiast Mark Wiens. Loads of good content, assuming you can put up with his relentless gurning!   

David Thompson - youtube cooking recipes with chef David Thompson.  

Utopic food - Koh Libong - series of short films on food and life in a fishing village on Koh Libong, Southern Thailand.  

Farang- Munchies documentary profiling Andy Ricker and his experience of running Thai restaurants and cooking Northern Thai food in the US. 

Chef Bo's Chef's Table - Chef's Table profile of chef Bo Songvisava, of Bolan restaurant.   

And กินอยู่คือ - chef Bo's youtube cooking show.

Baan Thung Restaurant - Thai PBS's local food show. 

P. Satung - more from Khun Satung - host of the above PBS food show. 




Hanuman (Thaifoodmaster) - see Thaifoodmaster above

FFS - Fantastic Food Search - a collaboration between Austin Bush (see below) and Christopher Wise. FFS is creating an ever expanding record of where to find good food across Thailand. 

Chef Bochef Dylan - inspirational chef-owners of Bolan restaurant.  And give a follow to @bo.lan.eduprogram - a new food knowledge sharing project from the duo. 

Austin Bush - photographer, food writer and author (see Northern Thai food below).

Andy Ricker - founder of Pok Pok restaurants (see Farang video above). 

Prin Polsuk - Protege of David Thompson and founder of the wonderful Samrub for Thai chef's table in Bangkok.

Chef Korn - talented young chef, wing-man of Hanuman and collector of old Thai cookbooks. 

Chef Num - Thai food pioneer and one of Thailand's most exciting chefs, owner of Sumuay & Son's restaurant in Isaan. 

Ann Sasithon Kamrit - slow food campaigner and Thai food expert. 

Luke Farrell - chef, Thai food lover and guardian of tropical greenhouses.  




Thai food - David Thompson (also see David's two other books Thai Street Food, and Classic Thai Cuisine) - in our view there's no other book like it.  It's a history lesson, a cultural textbook and an expansive cookbook all in one.  

Pok Pok - Andy Ricker (also see Noodles, and The Drinking Food of Northern Thailand).  A brilliant book, which manages to make lesser known (mostly Northern) Thai recipes accessible to the home cook.    

The Food of Northern Thailand - Austin Bush. See the praise for this book here, we couldn't put it better, or agree more. 

It Rains Fishes - Kasma Loha-Unchit - a great overview of classic Thai dishes, with recipes that really work. 

Night + Market - Kris Yenbamroong - fun, delicious Thai dishes from an LA institution.