thai food resources

Below are some of our favourite Thai food resources.  The list is by no means comprehensive, we'll keep adding to it with time. 




Wikipedia list of Thai dishes - a useful, but far from exhaustive, list of Thai dishes. 

Thai ingredient glossary - a glossary of food terms, accompanied by both the Thai script and the romanised Thai.

Thaifoodmaster - hands-down the best Thai food website we know of.  Its author, Hanuman, runs a cooking school near to Chiang Mai.  The website is a treasure trove of sophisticated recipes and in-depth Thai food history.    

Lanna food by CMU - compiled by Chiang Mai University, this an excellent resource of Northern Thai (Lanna) recipes.  




Mark Wiens - hugely popular channel from Thai food enthusiast Mark Wiens. Loads of good content, assuming you can put up with his relentless gurning!   

David Thompson - youtube cooking recipes with chef David Thompson.  

Utopic food - Koh Libong - series of short films on food and life in a fishing village on Koh Libong, Southern Thailand.  

Farang- Munchies documentary profiling Andy Ricker and his experience of running Thai restaurants and cooking Northern Thai food in the US. 

Chef Bo's Chef's Table - Chef's Table profile of chef Bo Songvisava, of Bolan restaurant.   

And กินอยู่คือ - chef Bo's youtube cooking show.

Baan Thung Restaurant - Thai PBS's local food show. 

P. Satung - more from Khun Satung - host of the above PBS food show. 




Hanuman (Thaifoodmaster) - see Thaifoodmaster above

FFS - Fantastic Food Search - a collaboration between Austin Bush (see below) and Christopher Wise. FFS is creating an ever expanding record of where to find good food across Thailand. 

Chef Bochef Dylan - inspirational chef-owners of Bolan restaurant.  And give a follow to @bo.lan.eduprogram - a new food knowledge sharing project from the duo. 

Austin Bush - photographer, food writer and author (see Northern Thai food below).

Andy Ricker - founder of Pok Pok restaurants (see Farang video above). 

Prin Polsuk - Protege of David Thompson and founder of the wonderful Samrub for Thai chef's table in Bangkok.

Chef Korn - talented young chef, wing-man of Hanuman and collector of old Thai cookbooks. 

Chef Num - Thai food pioneer and one of Thailand's most exciting chefs, owner of Sumuay & Son's restaurant in Isaan. 

Ann Sasithon Kamrit - slow food campaigner and Thai food expert. 

Luke Farrell - chef, Thai food lover and guardian of tropical greenhouses.  




Thai food - David Thompson (also see David's two other books Thai Street Food, and Classic Thai Cuisine) - in our view there's no other book like it.  It's a history lesson, a cultural textbook and an expansive cookbook all in one.  

Pok Pok - Andy Ricker (also see Noodles, and The Drinking Food of Northern Thailand).  A brilliant book, which manages to make lesser known (mostly Northern) Thai recipes accessible to the home cook.    

The Food of Northern Thailand - Austin Bush. See the praise for this book here, we couldn't put it better, or agree more. 

It Rains Fishes - Kasma Loha-Unchit - a great overview of classic Thai dishes, with recipes that really work. 

Night + Market - Kris Yenbamroong - fun, delicious Thai dishes from an LA institution.