chiang mai beer


In the course of opening and running som saa, we've had all sorts of ideas. Some, like collaborations with Bo.Lan and David Thompson, or importing a thai coconut cream press, we've managed to make a reality. Others have languished on the -not sure how to make it happen- pile for years. Importing Thai craft beers has been on that pile.

On our many trips to the North, we've loved Chiang Mai Beer. Founded by a group of Thai post-grad students in Colorado, after their studies they returned to the North and founded Thailand's first craft beer brewery. Almost ten years on, they are making some truly outstanding beers with a direct focus on flavour profiles that work well with Thai food. And we are honoured to say that after many years of trying we now have them in stock....cold....and ready to drink. They're available for the foreseeable but it's a hell of a wait between deliveries.