Molam Sundays....


Molam Sundays

For six Sundays this Summer (starting 17th June) we will be running a special afternoon and evening service focused on the rustic dishes of Thailand's countryside and backstreets. Expect Thai vinyl, unique beers, some new bag in box wines and some rare large format sharing. 

Menu testing is underway but expect dishes like......


miang mapraow kua
pomelo, dried prawn southern style toasted
coconut on betel leaf

som tam krathon
pounded salad of santol fruit with black crab paste

lam plaa
red mullet, Northern curry paste and holy basil,
grilled and served in fresh bamboo

bpet thung tao
whole duck served different ways: fried offal, larb of minced
breast, hot and sour soup and coconut smoked and grilled legs

kanom khao mao
green rice and shredded coconut doughnuts,
jasmine sugar and poached santol